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We build world-class digital products, delivered fast, for better value.

When you outsource product development with us, you don’t have to compromise quality, scalability, or time-to-market.


Design and implementation, Reviews, Performance and Security

Quality Assurance

Focus on automation, Custom Tooling, Security

Project Management

Agile Approach, Flexibility, Customer Oriented, Risk Management


Packaging and Bundling, Automated Deployment, Monitoring


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analysis

How we work

We use an integrated development model with the goal of creating partnerships and implementing software with integrated teams.

We then apply an agile methodology for a rapid, continuous delivery of useful software, built with collaboration in mind, from concept to production.

We focus on outcomes, not output. Clearly stated results for the people and organisations who are supposed to benefit. We create cultures of accountability.

We have experts who have decades of real-world hands-on experience of implementing software architectures and design patterns in a wide variety of software projects.


Realtime attack prediction based on packet analysis using pre trained neural net

Part of COVID-19 Challenge

Form generation library and validation based on JSON schema for React

Sample document description


Senior C++ Developer
  • Build a series of C++ projects compatible with cross-platform systems (Linux, QNX, Windows)
  • Work with popular embedded infotainment platforms
  • Be part of an autonomous product team
Full Stack Engineer / Tech Lead
  • Implement a templating engine from scratch
  • Exposure to ML Algorithms
  • Be part of the core team and have ownership on technical decisions

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